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Katy Apartments Old Town Heritage, New Town Enthusiasm

Katy, a tidy community located 30 miles away from Downtown Houston, offers both high­growth promise and tranquil outdoor activities. The City of Katy, or what's now known as Old Katy, began its growth as a rice farming town in the early 1900s before being incorporated into the City of Houston as municipality in 1945.

Now, Katy is great for students, families, and business people alike. It stretches over Harris, Fort Bend and Waller counties where you'll find top­notch schools, old­time charm, a bustling energy district, and upscale communities. Katy ISD serves more than 70,000 students and has been recognized in the last few years by the Texas Education Agency for its dedication to academic achievement. The Katy Small Business Administration is strong, and the Energy Corridor is a symbol of the strength of the energy market in West Houston, providing thousands of high quality jobs to Katy and Houston residents. During non­business hours, Katy residents can enjoy Katy Mills Mall, or catch a movie at theaters such as Tinseltown and Alamo Drafthouse.

Katy's parks are run by the City of Houston's green space program, comprising nearly 40,000 acres of great outdoors. Are you a dog owner? The City of Katy Dog Park is a great place for dog owners to give their furry friends' what they've alway dreamed of: acres of green to run around on and meet other dogs. Katy is also home to George Bush Park, an excellent place for families looking to throw a frisbee, fly a kite, or even fly model planes or helicopters at the park's designated for model plane airfield. Contact Houston Apartment Locators and we'll show you around!

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