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If you have credit problems or broken lease history, Get Help for Downtown Chicago APartment Locating

Trying to find your next apartment when you have had Bad Credit Problems (or even No Credit) can be very difficult. You can FEEL like everyone is working against you. Chicago Broken Leases can Help You!

We have helped hundreds of people just like you with Credit Problems find a nice apartment to rent. Our experienced representatives have established relationships with numerous apartment complexes and managers willing to work those who have had problems in the past.

  • Poor Credit or Bankruptcy Issues
  • Eviction Histories or Broken Leases
  • NO Credit at all
  • Foreclosures on record

We work with dozens of management companies

Management companies treat our customers with more respect. You're chances will be better for being approved when you go to an apartment through our service because we will figure out what issues are holding you back, then direct you to the apartments that we know will be open to extending a lease.

Poor Credit, Evictions or Foreclosures in Downtown Chicago All Accepted!

LET'S GET STARTED TODAY - If you have had problems securing your Downtown Chicago apartment, we will work hard to help you. We cannot guarantee you an apartment if you have had credit problems or an eviction, but we can give you a better chance AND our services are Free.

We do all this for you at No Charge! And Fast! Why wait, contact us today?

Apartment LET'S GET

Fill out our request form. We'll make your apartment locator search as stress-free as possible and most likely save you money on your rent.

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